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Mercury Crafts was originally set up to help fund our private scholarship through offering custom laser-etching and crafting services.

The Mercury Foundation is a privately-funded scholarship fund committed to helping students active in Masonic youth groups achieve their educational goals.

The foundation founders are Billy and Bette Hamilton. Both are very familiar with the financial struggles of college students. They started college right after high school, only to have to put their college education on hold due after their first year to focus on working full-time jobs.

Bette is a third-generation Rainbow member with five generations involved in Freemasonry, and was a Grand Officer for the Oklahoma Rainbow Grand Assembly. Billy has been a Mason since 1996, and is an officer in several Masonic bodies. They are both very active in supporting the various Masonic organizations of which they are members. Of their three sons, one is currently a DeMolay, and another is about to submit his petition to join. This family history and personal involvement is why they decided to create their scholarship with the intent to award members of Masonic youth organizations.

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